In the recent years, there has been an increased acceptance of marijuana as a recreational drug as well as a form of medication. The high level of acceptance of marijuana has led to the development of new trends in the drug enforcement and production most of which are regulated by state government. Onset of widespread tolerance towards marijuana as a drug has culminated in springing up of a rather peculiar form of dispensaries.

Marijuana dispensaries have been cropping up in every town that is tolerant to the herb. There are evident gains of using the herb as a drug more so for the glaucoma and cancer patients. In both cases, the drug has positive impacts on the customer hence its increased acceptance across the United States of America. marijuana dispensaries are regulated by the same laws controlling the possession of the herb but they are not managed by the federal drug agency.

Marijuana dispensaries have a free hand as far as their operations are concerned. The drugs that are stocked in the dispensaries may be beneficial to the users but the measure of the dosage is often left to the customer. Most of the proprietors running the dispensaries do not have training in the management of the drugs hence the increased reports of marijuana related health complications. Additionally, there is no motivation or incentive given to marijuana dispensaries owners that substantiates developing a mindful practice.
Therefore, as it has been the norm, marijuana dispensaries have turned into the legalized alternative of weed peddlers. Customers can flock into any marijuana dispensary and purchase large volumes of the drug for recreational purposes. Given that the dispensaries lack any oversight, any marijuana addict can move from one dispensary to the other and acquire the prescribed amount without fear of any repercussion.

Marijuana dispensaries future is marked with increased regulation and oversight. The state and federal governments ought to come together and investigate the increased use of illness excuse as a way of accessing the drug for the recreational purposes. Leveraging on the informational technology as a way of curbing unauthorized purchases is also a high likelihood. The FDA ought to recognize marijuana dispensaries just as it recognizes other dispensaries. With the recognition, the dispensaries will be pushed to consider the legitimacy of the claims given by some customers in order for them to score some weed. The recognition will ensure that marijuana dispensaries are not mere excuses to peddle the drug indiscriminately.


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