In U.S, marijuana is no longer that hush-hush topic left to mere speculation and associated with the misguided ones in the society. Today, numerous attempts have been and continue to be put in place towards legalization of marijuana. This begs the question; why now? What has triggered this massive transformation in public’s attitude towards marijuana use? While scientific research plays an important role, perhaps it’s time we took the bull by its horns and faced the entire issue from a sober mind. In so doing, we need to answer these questions; is marijuana harmful as it is portrayed by some people? Does marijuana have benefits to people’s health?

From my end, I categorically believe that marijuana ought to be legalized for various reasons. However, I must point out that there should be a limitation on how, where and when one can use it. If scientific research is anything to go by, then I hands-up agree with the entire legalization process. With several states in the U.S legalizing marijuana use, the question seems to slowly be switching from “whether” to “when” marijuana will be legalized.

Perhaps the question should be; after legalization, then what? This is because scientific research has backed up claims that marijuana has numerous benefits to one’s health. In fact, it is no longer a speculation; marijuana has a component that works to stabilize one’s health.

With states like Massachusetts, California, Arizona and Nevada going on the ballot to seek a clear direction on legalization process, we are bound to see more and more struggle for legalization across U.S. In fact, with recent escalation in the number of people asking for legalization of marijuana, things seem to be taking a different twist.

Although those of the opinion that marijuana should be legalized cite divergent reasons for that, it all boils down to the fact that once legalized, the rest will follow. So, the first step is legalization and then whether, for medical or leisure, that will follow. Some argue that only medically prescribed marijuana should be legalized nationwide. However, it is important to note that, even with the medical marijuana, doctors are not in a position to give an exact prescription on the consumption; they only give a recommendation as of now.

In a nutshell, while we wait to see what transpires given the heated debate across numerous states in the U.S on marijuana consumption, I must point out that we need to regulate the use even if it is legal. This is for the better of the society at large.


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