One American comedy-drama that ever making a hit is the popularly known show “Weeds”. This show was created by Lionsgate television under the supervision of a woman called “Jenji Kohan”.

The plot of Weeds mainly involves a housewife who has been widowed and thus must find a way to make money. She lives in an affluent California suburb and basically becomes the neighborhood drug dealer selling marijuana in order to earn her income.

Weeds, the television series’ name refers both to the plant that the protagonist sells (marijuana or cannabis) as well as to an old term for the type of clothing that widow’s wear when their husbands died (widow’s weeds). Many others also point out the fact that weeds are a good metaphor for the suburban neighborhoods that spring up which often grown quickly like weeds and involve houses and people who are not very differentiable.
“Weeds” had five seasons and made its debut in 2005. It was Showtime’s highest rated series during its first year playing and it was the channel’s definite success. The season attracted 962,000 viewers on average.

The Season 5 premier brought in 1.2 million viewers with an additional 500,000 viewers for the rerun later that night bringing the total viewership to 1.7 million. Not bad for the Showtime channel.

The show’s exterior shots and many other shots are taken in places in California like Calabasas and Santa Clarita Valley.

Nancy Botwin is the main protagonist who is the housewife living the typical suburban lifestyle in America until her husband dies and she must find a way to make ends meet. This leads her to the marijuana business where she begins selling to people like her accountant, lawyer and neighborhood friends. Eventually, she must continue on to expand her customer base that brings about more obstacles for her throughout the show.
Celia is Nancy’s best friend who also seems to be at times her best enemy. She is stuck in an unhappy marriage and is a character taken to various vices including alcohol. She also is mean and takes actions against various people to teach them lessons.
Weeds’ Season 1 begins with Nancy’s husband dying which is the catalyst for the basis of the show which involves Nancy entering the marijuana dealings to keep her affluent suburban life alive.

Her children both attend the public school system but in order for Nancy to continue to support their upper-middle-class lifestyle in the suburbs, she must sell marijuana to her neighbors and friends.

At one point, some of Nancy’s customers begin to go to the medical marijuana shop because its quality is much higher than the quality of Nancy’s marijuana. For this reason, Nancy is forced to make baked goods using her cooking skills to find a new way to sell her inferior quality weed. She does a good job of this and covers up her sales by actually making her own bakery and putting Costco’s products on her shelves as her own.

Weeds was an excellent television show and had had a long-standing viewership. If this sort of topic and protagonist sounds interesting to you, you should definitely check out the show on Showtime. You may also find clips and other reviews if you search on the internet for the television show, Weeds.


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