In a mature sign of the nascent industry’s rapid maturing, the medical cannabis market hopes to extend the share of a $1.43 billion industry that is certainly projected to grow to more than $10 billion by 2018. This share will be shared by a plethora of entrepreneurs, investors, growers, and retailers who have totally made up their mind in investing their entire future in this flourishing industry. No doubt, the many global legal institutes still classify cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance, but marijuana has finally become a partially legitimate commodity – as it is legal to use cannabis for medical purposes. In the US, over 25 states have legalized medical use.

The best part is, most of the physicians in the medical marijuana states are prescribing the use of cannabis for critical symptoms of ADHA, cancer, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease and chronic pain. As per many market researchers, the cannabis industry has matured in every possible aspect, and it is now completely under the control of the generation that has grown out of being in favor of bringing required revolutions. On the other hand, boomers with cash to spend are much closing in on the cannabis business as they a lot of money to be made and, yes they support the cause too. Investors are now much aware of the marijuana’s potential to make money.

However, it is also very much true that marijuana is quite tangled up in social justice issues where some stay in favor of its legalization while others are against the same. Many investors even believe that now is the time when commerce is meeting a revolution. People associated with the cultivation of marijuana have made good money and now wish to put some of their portfolios into something they believe will certainly make a difference in the years to come. All such people are interested in freedom while making money.

For most, the cannabis industry presents a new opportunity to advanced skills that are involved in its cultivation and later courted medical dispensaries and retail pot shop. For most of the investors, establishing the organization for the cultivation of cannabis is a natural process, given long experience in the all associated affairs. The time is certainly now when medical marijuana is helping individuals survive cancer treatments as the cannabis industry legalizes, it will be completely easier for the budding entrepreneurs to getting into the business. To end, legitimacy, it seems, is what many boomers have been waiting for and it has arrived.


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