If you haven’t heard of Cheech and Chong, then you must have been living under a rock. Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong are possibly two of the most influential figures in Marijuana history. Definitely the Seth Rogen and James franco of their time, the two were and still are inseparable and have written and starred in 8 major movies and many other projects together. Cheech and Chong led the stoner culture of their time, showing people weed wasn’t as bad as people made it seem by making it so funny, there was no way to hate it

If you’re new to smoking weed, it is likely a more experienced “stoner” has suggested the movie “Up in Smoke” to you. It will probably be one of the first stoner films you will see and, though it may be almost 40 years old, will make even the youngest of stoners laugh.

In this movie, we follow Anthony (Tommy Chong), a failure in the eyes of his rich parents and the epitome of a stoner, and Pedro (Cheech Marin), a not so well off Mexican who enjoys a good smoke from time to time and loves his car to death. Fate brings these two together as Pedro begins his morning by cruising along the freeway, hoping to find some hitchhiking women to “put the moves on”. One thing leads to another and he picks up Anthony. This sets of some crazy events and features some of the most hilarious jokes that will have you pausing the movie just to catch a breath and wipe your teary eyes.

It goes without saying that this movie is one that is preferably watched when smoking some dank weed, bringing the characters to life in front of you and allowing you to experience the amazing humor on a completely different level. However, this movie is not only for people who smoke marijuana, even people who have never touched the stuff can appreciate the humor and downright craziness of the movie.

“Up in smoke” is definitely one of the best stoner films of all time and is a must watch for everyone, stoner or not. Definitely a favorite of the stoner film genre, this movie turned “Cheech and Chong” into a household name. Even your own parents may see it and remember the times they were young and smoking weed, though they may not admit it.

Cheech and Chong are some of the most well known stoners in the generation before us, our generation and for future generations. The duo has mentioned the creation of an “Up in Smoke 2” but the date of when it will be released is yet to be announced. Nevertheless, I am sure that stoners from all over the globe are excited and hopeful that it releases soon and is just as great as its predecessor.


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