If you have a cardiovascular disease or you know people who do, then you probably know the hassle of taking countless amounts of pills. These pills, with incredibly strange names such as Amlodipine and Verapamil, which apparently relaxes your heart and promotes blood flow and oxygenation of your blood. Chemicals like these may not look expensive, but that’s on their own. When you’re taking five different kinds of pills at a time, twice daily, that’s when you begin to notice your wallet’s a bit lighter than it used to be.

Marijuana actually may save your life, which tons stoners would say just to make themselves feel better about smoking a lot of weed. But, believe it or not, they’re right. Marijuana has been found to contain compounds that could improve the overall health of your heart. Now, you could probably guess, not everyone is very enthusiastic about the legalization of marijuana, or the thought of using it as a medicine. If you are one of these people, allow me to convince you otherwise.

Cannabinoids contain both non-psychoactive and psychoactive compounds which are found in marijuana; both these things can be beneficial to your heart and your body. They cause effects within cells after binding to receptor proteins in the cell membranes, such as inhibiting TRPV1. Now, remembering TRPV1 is important because it causes most Cardiovascular diseases. TRPV1 increases the rate your heart grows. You may ask “What’s so bad about a large heart?”   Well, the bigger your heart gets, the stiffer it becomes. This makes your heart work much harder to keep blood flowing to your major organs and your tissues.

Studies have shown that Marijuana inhibits TRPV1 very well, this slows the process of heart enlargement and increases blood flow. Alexander Stokes, is a professor at the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine, and he believes that marijuana may not only slow down the effects of Heart disease, but it could also possibly reverse it

Another Benefit is that it is much cheaper. The cost of a major heart attack can almost reach $1,000,000. This includes the hospital fee, doctor’s fee, and cost of prescription drugs. These are referred to as direct costs. Also included in the one million is the loss of productivity and time away from work. These are known as indirect costs. A less severe heart attack costs much cheaper… if you consider $760,000 much cheaper.

Wiz Khalifa, a man who smokes around 36 Joints in one DAY, spends about $10,000 per month on marijuana. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, Wiz Khalifa hasn’t had a heart attack. Now no regular person would be able to spend that much money on weed. A normal person could probably smoke at most 2 ounces of Marijuana per month, and that’s pushing it a little. An ounce of marijuana costs about $140, so that’s about $280 in one month. And with the power of math, we can see that it would take around 297 YEARS to match the price of a heart attack

You know what they say “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and in this case, that ounce is marijuana.







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