A picture from NARCOS S01E06 " Eplosivos"

You may have come across the name Pablo Escobar, well, probably a ton of times in your lifetime. The man who became richer than a country from selling drugs.

Someone like that has to have an amazing story; nobody could have made that much money without having one hell of a life. Thanks to Netflix, the story can now be watched in a spectacular fashion.

Have I mentioned that Narcos has one of the most danceable theme songs in history?

The series “Narcos” tells Pablo Escobar’s story very well, and the story begins when Pablo discovers the wonders of cocaine. Now, cocaine was still a new thing back in the day, and people wanted it, and Pablo Escobar was more than happy to provide. Pablo Escobar used to smuggle marijuana within Colombia, but cocaine sold for much more and was much easier to hide. Pablo got in the game early and started making tons of cash from it. Then he decided to go international.

Narrating the story, as well as living it is Steve Murphy, a DEA agent. After cocaine finally reached United States soil, the government decided they had to put a stop to it. Murphy was sent to Colombia to help bring Escobar down. He was paired with Javier Peña, an American-born Colombian, also DEA. For both of them, the hunt for Escobar quickly turns from a job, to passion and eventually, an obsession.

The Story is masterfully created, though not 100% still makes for one of the greatest shows Netflix has ever produced. The narration from Steve Murphy is absolutely on point, delivering some truly great one-liners that can have you at the edge of your seats. One way you know the creators are doing something right is when you have to ask yourself “Whose side am I on?” Even though you know you should be on the side of the DEA. They are able to make Pablo Escobar so loveable that you can’t help but question your morals.

One famous line said by Pablo Escobar goes “Plata o Plomo” meaning “Silver or Lead.” If you were not willing to accept his payment, he sure as hell wouldn’t hesitate to give you his bullets. That is more or less the theme of the show. Bullets would be fired at those who would never accept a bribe. One of these people is Steve Murphy, who risks his life, his family, even his sanity, all to bring this mass murdering drug dealer to justice.


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