Weed Man

A common problem that has plagued our planet since humans came into existence, is our inability to tolerate other people. If you think about it, it is a very primitive reaction; animals always fight to be the “alpha” and so do people.

Acceptance is something that is lacking in the human brain. Racism, sexism, discrimination in all forms, have caused wars and oppression for all of human history. Though it may be getting much better, well, if you compare it to concentration camps or slavery. Yet the base problems remain, and in the recent years discrimination has grown quite rampant.

People who smoke or eat marijuana, no matter how they use the plant, can come from all walks of life. Weed, though some people think it makes you stupid, actually causes people to look at the big picture, and yes that does make me sound like a hippy. “Stoners” can be lawyers, or someone who works in McDonald’s, can be someone black, Hispanic, middle eastern, Asian, or white. For some reason, and I know this doesn’t apply to every single person who smokes weed, but a majority of us believe weed can bring people together.

On January 20, the inauguration of President Donald Trump, a group of people decided to hand out 4,200 joints out to anyone who wanted one. This was their protest, not against Trump, but just to show the new president that the issue of legalization should still be on his to-do list. The DCMJ as they call themselves said that ⅓ of their team were Trump supporters and ⅓ of the people who received joints from them were Trump supporters too.

It shows how marijuana can bring even the most diverse people together. Marijuana makes people relax, and that allows people to let go of their judgment and discrimination. It lets people drop their guard so to say, which makes it easier to allow people in. People who use marijuana usually have a very wide circle of friends. Being around so many different kinds of people makes you more accepting and open to ideas and opinions. Marijuana unites people, despite their many differences.


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