Let me start this off with a bit of history about spice.

Synthetic marijuana is also known as “spice” first began appearing in Europe around 2004 and hit the United States in 2008. Synthetic marijuana is purely chemical and is smoked. The first set of chemicals consisted of certain set of chemicals. The United States responded by banning such chemicals. But underground scientist kept on finding new ways to create their own version of synthetic marijuana, staying outside of the law.

You might actually stumble upon these dangerous drugs being sold at convenience stores as if they were candy.

A packet of Synthetic Marijuana

Spice also called is either sprayed on dry plants to make it smokeable or sold as a vaporizable liquid. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) warns that synthetic marijuana’s side effects are extremely hazardous to humans. Side effects can include seizure, high blood pressure, also nausea and vomiting.

Synthetic Marijuana’s properties activate the CB1 Receptor to dangerous levels, even higher than marijuana does and may activate different receptors. This causes a negative effect on someone’s health that has been smoking spice. From January 1 to August 2 poison control centers received 5,008 calls related to synthetic marijuana overdoses as compared to last year’s 3,682.

Synthetic marijuana can lead to serious health effects and can even lead to death. Overdosing on synthetic marijuana can cause lethal seizures, Kidney injury, hypertension and even an Ischemic stroke. 20 synthetic marijuana-related deaths between 2011-2014.

Synthetic Marijuana is also extremely addictive. It’s something that builds up a tolerance, similar to alcohol. This leads to a dependency on the drug, and when you don’t get a hold of it, withdrawals.
We highly discourage the use of this drug and hope that if you are reading this to determine whether you want to try it, then we hope you don’t. Stick to the organics, they’re there for a reason.


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