Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil was legalized on July 31, 2015, in the U.K. due to them seeing it as something that could be used medically. Only last month did The Medications Health Care Products Regulation Agency (MHRA) decide to truly classify it as a medicine. You may be thinking “Hooray, it’s legal now!” But this could make things harder. Before you could get it whenever you wanted, no prescription needed. Now, however, it is nearly impossible to get, and you will need a prescription.

CBD Oil Manufacturers began to express concerns. “They’re banning hemp oil by the back door. Why? Because it works. That is literally the reason the MHRA have given. It’s banned because it’s been proven to work. Well, our customers have been telling us it works for two years and now they can’t get it anymore because it works.” said Love CBD, a company that sells legal CBD Oil.

The MHRA stated “Our primary concern is patient safety. In order to ensure that products remain available until individuals have the opportunity to discuss their treatment with their doctor, companies now have until December 31, 2016 to voluntarily operate within the law, by withdrawing their existing products from the market, or working with MHRA to satisfy the legal requirements of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012.”

The MHRA is making all CBD Oil distributors must go through mandated trials to meet requirements that have always been set for medicines, to ensure the safety of the people who require the medicine.

Some people believe that the MHRA don’t care about public health and just want money. In and interview with Vice Tony Calamita, the director of CBD Oils UK stated “CBD is considered very safe, even in very high doses – they’re supposed to act in the public’s interest, but they’re acting in the interest of the pharmaceutical companies. Incredibly conveniently, GW Pharmaceuticals got their successful third phase trials of Epidiolex, which is a CBD-based treatment for epilepsy, and then four days later these letters go out. Not to mention that the MHRA are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s financially driven.”

The possibility of this being true is actually quite high. In one of the MHRA’s statements on the matter they say “Medicinal products must have a product licence (marketing authorisation) before they can be legally sold, supplied or advertised in the UK, unless exempt.” Meaning GW Pharmaceuticals could get a foothold on the CBD Oil Industry while their competition scrambles to get their own oils approved.

Advocates of marijuana often use the “it’s medicine!” argument. But is that what we really want?


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